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About SylviaChrist

About SylviaChrist, Grass on the beach

Welcome to my site, Your World in Balance.

This page is About SylviaChrist.

As a child, I have been strolling around for hours in a little wood near the beach. I loved just laying in the grass, feeling like I belong to the wood, animals, beach, and plants. It felt like I was one with them. That gave me a sense of peace, safety.

Growing up, it has always been my most pleasure being outside, walking for hours, listening to the sound of nature, birds, insects, wind, water, all that belongs to God’s creation. Like meditation and I had the most energy just by being outside, listening, feeling, moving. It was like my brain is clearing up. My mind became sharper.

Now I still do and feel the same about nature. The richness nature brings to us is amazing. But there is more to that.


There are lots of people who have nearly no relationship with nature and with themselves. They are not feeling in touch!

My story is that I have suffered two massive burnouts. The first one has given me an autoimmune disease and all the suffering coming along with this.

Now I always have been very interested in organic foods and high-quality supplements. So I started to investigate and search the internet for a good healing plan. It took me quite a while to find the reason for my chronic disease. The most important point has been enormous stress. Working as a nurse has brought so much stress with it. I couldn’t cope with that.woman at the beach walking

But I have been determined to heal myself, and I began starting to follow a plan. And slowly, I could heal my disease and start working again. Nature has played a significant role. So did God! Of course, it helped me a lot as a trained nurse to understand what the stress did to me, my body, and my mind.


My passion is to share my knowledge freely, see many people healed, and balanced again. For me, it has been a lot of studying and research over the years. I have had great teachers. Their passion for helping others through their websites and articles helped me find my own way to recover my health. Now I want to give back too!

If you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and your whole environment, you will see success and get in touch with yourself again. It is a complete process. Your world will be in balance again.


William Shakespeare has said that. And this is so true. If we don’t take action, we will not become healthy again; the environment will be destroyed, animals, insects will disappear. Our planet, our world, will completely change. That is a circle. Nothing stands on its own! If we change inside and balance our inner world, we might be changing our outside world, our environment. We have to take our responsibility and live in balance with Nature. Maybe our planet will recover again. But first, start with yourself, try to balance your own world. Then shift your view away from yourselves. I am sure you will begin to heal your environment as well, as you have healed yourself.

If you would like to share your story or give feedback, I would love to hear from you; your health, your world, and your experiences!



All the best!



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4 thoughts on “About SylviaChrist

  1. Wow, this is exactly what the world needs right now, more balance. What a great domain name too! What a beautiful website too and what an impactful picture that has me thinking of walking barefoot through the sea, helping to heal my mind. I love nature too, particularly walking through the sea or lakes. I adore exploring open spaces in the Countryside as well as camping and hiking in the mountains. Your site has me thinking about that in a very tangible way. Thank you for that moment of tranquillity.

    Whilst I can see from your about page that your health took a toll with an autoimmune disease and later work stress impacted you too; how did you overcome this exactly? Which herbal remedies or supplements have helped you most? I really take my hat off to you describing in such an honest way on your site about the challenging times you faced with your health. But you overcame them, by eating organic food and taking quality supplements as well as having a close connection to God. Sharing your experience in such an open way on this site will help others. Thank you, Silvia, for creating this website, it really is lovely. I have saved the url and will be returning to visit from time to time.

    1. Hi Trevor,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. You are so right about walking barefoot through the sea or wet grass. It is so grounding; something people have lost in this modern world. It is time to get back and heal in body, soul, and spirit. Camping and hiking are so great to energize and grab your calming moments. I had two burnouts because of massive work stress. I developed a Hashimoto autoimmune disease. Doctors give only thyroid hormones but don’t tell you that it has to do with an immune system that is not working anymore. I studied the internet, found many people who could help with their articles, and all the pieces came together. It has been a whole healing plan with many components, as I describe in my blogs. I did a lot of juicing and took green powders, but also Vitamin D and K, B complex, Selenium, MSN organic sulfur, Magnesium, Vit. B12 and Folate. And I first started with the Keto diet, and now I am following the Paleo diet. All organic, no pesticides, no preservatives. I love God and nature. All together has healed me. Thank you, Trevor, for your interest. You are very welcome!
      Be blessed!

  2. Nice to know you Sylvia and your passion for world balance.

    We all need that. Your topic is very timely these days.

    It has always been my personal goal in my life. To influence others will contribute to the preservation of the world longer and prevention of more unlikely things to become normal, like wearing of gas mask for the next generation to come.

    I support you for this topic. Carry on!

    1. Thank you very much, Rose! It means very much to me and my work! It is so essential! You are very right; if we are not aware, we walk around with gas masks. Don’t let it happen. It is so beautiful to know other people are fighting the fight with me! Let’s do it together, Rose! It is nearly too late!

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