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9 steps to Balance Your World

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How to balance your world? 9 steps to balance your world

In this world, at this time, the world of many people is unbalanced. They have too much stress, are not feeling grounded, have chronic diseases, and struggle in every area of their lives.

Relationships are not working. Family life is a burden. They work too many hours to get everything paid and keep up with family members, friends, and neighbors. Money has become a drug.

They feel disconnected from themselves and others. And become ill if this is going on for a long time. But it is not difficult to keep yourselves balanced if you are taking responsibility for your lifestyle and are making some adjustments.

Let’s look at that!

 Learn to Set Boundaries!

Trying to please everyone around you will likely help you to crash in your life. So it is lifesaving for you that you are not saying ‘Yes’ to everything people are asking you to do. Take a deep breath and say: “I will think about that and come back to you!” That is the best strategy to learn to set your boundaries.

If you have enough distance to their request and know what you will do, get back to them. It is easier than to stay behind your own needs and not to get involved in a discussion you will lose.

If you look up Wikipedia, you learn what boundaries really are and why they are so important. There are many mental illnesses about crossing other people’s boundaries.

You can also visit a curse to learn to say ‘No.’

 Have some YOU time!

The day has 24 hours and not more. 8 hours you should sleep to recover your brain cells and your whole body. But of course, people are different and need a different amount of sleep. If you take care of your family and your house, do your shopping, clean, and have a job, you need to have some time for yourself; otherwise, you will burn out. So do whatever GIVES you energy, not takes it away.

Go walking, meditate outside in nature, meet a good friend and laugh, do yoga or Pilates or do gardening. The best would be to spend some time outside in the forest or park or beach. This will bring you back to yourself. It is grounding for you. But you decide what will be good for you!

Balance your World – move your body!

dancing class,dancing women

If you are stressing throughout your day, you are going to lose yourself. It is vital to do something for your body. This will also be good for your mind and spirit. Just find out what feels good for you. Maybe power walking or jogging, but also yoga or Pilates. It strengthens your muscles and your core and is good for the whole body.

You become more strong and focused, sharper in your mind. You could also visit a sports school. This will activate your hormones too. You will feel better! Just try it! Maybe you love dancing. You will meet people, and that is very important, move and laugh!

Eat a balanced and healthy diet!

I believe you have already heard about healthy food very often. But you will not be able to get around that. Without eating healthy food, you will not be in better shape. I mean with healthy food lots of uncooked vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, healthy oils( cocos oil, olive oil, butter, all organic) and some fatty fish like salmon and organic meat like poultry, beef, lamb. So in this manner, your body will get enough nutrition. Try to do shopping on farmer markets or in organic supermarkets.

Try to avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol, and lemonade. Organic herbal tea and pure water, the best spring water, should be enough. Your body longs for water to detoxify and hydrate your cells. You will see that you gain more strength, you become leaner, and your mind is clearer. You will feel yourself again! Try it out!

Listen to music!

I don’t know if you like listening to music. But it is approved that certain music does stimulate our brain cells. Especially classical music quietens the mind. Music can influence the brain. People are happier and are feeling themselves. They are more motivated and active, creative. Music lets them sing. And singing makes you feel happier. 

 Sit down and meditate!

That is something lots of people don’t know how much healing meditation can bring. I hear very often, “That is not me. I am not able to sit around and do nothing.” But that is really something you would have great benefits from if you learn how to meditate.

woman sitting on the beach, meditating

Meditation is not just sitting around and do nothing. Meditation is bringing silence to your mind. Many people can’t stop thinking over so many things, very often is your mind busy with negative thoughts. It is difficult to stop them, like being in a vicious circle.

Meditation benefits the mind, spirit, and body. It is detox for your mind and, of course, also for your body. Studies have shown that meditation just done for about 6 weeks calms people and reduces blood pressure. They show a better working immune system, and their stress tolerance is more balanced. There are lots of different meditation practices. I have the most benefit from being outside, for example, at the beach, in the forest…

The colors green and blue are calming to me, like water and trees, a field with deep green grass. But people are different and need to find out what is best for them and when they feel the most comfortable.

Ground yourself to balance your world

tree with strong roots

I mentioned in the sixth point that a deep green grass has such an effect on me when I meditate. But what else is the benefit of grass? It makes me want to lie down, to feel the cool grass. The same effect has water. Walking along the beach with your feet in the seawater is so calming. That is grounding.

Most people don’t wear shoes with leather soles anymore. The soles are made of rubber. But rubber disconnects you from the earth. We are made to be in contact with the earth. We all live and function electrically on an electrical planet. At this age, most people are totally unaware of their bioelectrical nature. So they don’t know that we have largely become disconnected and separated from the Earth. And this is a big reason for chronic diseases of all kinds. Be connected to the earth will heal many diseases.

I will recommend the book written by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, and Martin Zucker, ‘Earthing – The most important health discovery ever?’.

There are lots of grounding equipment to purchase online, so you will be able to sleep or work on your computer grounded.

Healthy sleep will balance your world.

woman sleeping on a sofa in the living room

You see, all of these points belong together. It is essential to see that everything is connected, and if one is not working, we will be disconnected from ourselves and our environment.

You can check the internet and find lots of articles about proper sleep and how to do it because it is lifesaving to give the body and mind the rest to recover overnight. Our wrong routines made us suffer. And of course, the stress built up in our bodies and minds during the busy day; unhealthy lifestyles are not helping us at the end of the day to come down and relax. We need alcohol, television to try to relax a bit. When we are in bed and trying to fall asleep, we cannot relax. Our stress levels are permanent too high, damaging our cells, hormones are just out of order.

To balance your world again, you need to really adjust your lifestyle. You need a different routine!

Do peaceful activities before you go to sleep, like meditation, slow walking, yoga exercises to calm down, praying, a warm shower, grounding, and peaceful music. And if you need something to eat, think about eating some protein, not carbs. That’s only a shortlist. There is more to that.

Drink and eat greens!

vegetables juice in a bottle with two straws

This is also a point you can read about a lot online. But that is also such an important point. If you manage to drink or eat green vegetables several times throughout the day, you have already done a lot for your health. We are made to eat natural food. And 80% should be vegetables.

The best forms are juices and salads, whereby juices are better for a damaged body. The body will surpass the intestines and get instant benefits from the vitamins and minerals in the juice. You must juice fresh juice organic vegetables. If you are ill and begin to juice, it is for the body like you have already chewed the vegetables.

The body will be able to start directly with detoxing and rebuilding the cells. Your immune system will get strong again, and you will start to heal! Your world will be more balanced!


You see, there is a lot to do to get healed and in balance again. It is your responsibility to take charge and to investigate and do research. We have to get back to our roots.  If you don’t change your lifestyle and put all that industrial made food in your body, don’t move, stress around, have a bad sleep routine, you will finally crash.

In my next blogs, I will write more details to understand the importance of the changes you need.

To your health,


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14 thoughts on “9 steps to Balance Your World

  1. DarmiMaddie says:

    Honestly,this is great to see and I really value all that you have shared here with us all. To make things better, there is always a need to create personal time for ourselves and to dedicate more time for ourselves. Seriously, what has been shared here is great and I can only hope for more better and better everytime. This is really helpful. Thanks

  2. philebur says:

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one can hold on to especially in a time like this. The tips shared on this post are very lucrative and doable if one sets up their mind to, thanks for this .

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, in times like these, people forget about this. I appreciate your comment very much!

  3. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on how to become balanced again. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really good one. I find it very helpful as it contains valuable information and it’s very educative. There’s a lot for me to do to get balanced and healed again but I don’t mind, I’m going to do every bit of them. I’ll start with the very first one which is to get balanced, set some boundaries. When I’m done with that, I’ll move on to the next. Thank you. 

    1. Thank you very much, Sophie! Yes, it is so important for all of us. I know many people who eat wrong, don’t move enough, etc.
      That is not good. We need to remind ourselves, otherwise our body will remind us.

  4. Thanks a lot Sylvia for this article that has thoroughly treated the topic of what being balanced is all about and how to be balanced. You have, in this article, dealt with the importance of being or becoming balanced and listed some vital things to do to help become balance and also keep the all established balance. Thanks for this instructive article.

  5. Wow 

    Thank you for this beautiful article , it was really refreshing to read. It was also a great reminder of the  basics of our well being that we have left behind. I agree with all your recommendations and I reckon they are interdependent, you cant  do one and expect it to cover for other, for example , you cant expect good sleep to cover for good diet each has a role.

    Thanks again 

    1. Yes, Bogadi, you are so right. Everything works together! Thank you very much! 🙂
      Blessings, Sylvia

  6. Collins says:

    Wow, coming across this article was a blessing, thank you so much for sharing this. Living in a fast moving world, you can be caught up in the whole rubble and forget your mental health, this article feels like it was just written for me, i just realized that I am not balanced and have a lot of work to do on myself. Thanks again 

    1. You are welcome, Collins! Yes, I believe we all need to remind ourselves again and again. It is so easy to forget about that. Life is so busy.
      Thank you very much!
      Blessings, Sylvia

  7. Hi Sylvia,
    Lovely article. I must say that most of us work through the day, week, month, year in a continuous bustle of work and rarely take time to even stop and breathe!

    Lots of really great tips with all 9 really being essential.

    For one, I love greens and eat a healthy daily dose. What I have never tried are the green drinks. Knowing that you can juice fruit and greens together will make it easier for my palate. Finally if you eat healthy but take little sleep, you are knocking out the benefits you have gained!



    1. Hi Ceci, you do very well, eating greens is so essential! If you can include green powders, you are doing fantastic. It is nearly impossible to stay healthy in this world with pollution, air, light, earth, water, and radiation. We need to be aware; then, we can change it. Thank you very much for your comment!:)

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