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8 Ways to Treat Covid 19 at Home – No Vaccines Necessary?

Covid 19 is just an ordinary virus that belongs to the group of influenza viruses. Every year people are dying from influenza infections, but nobody is talking about this fact. There are alternative ways of treatment that are very successful without the need for vaccination.

I will show you eight ways to treat Covid 19 at home and strengthen your immune system, so you will not have any problems recovering from the virus. If you are a healthy individual, you don’t need to be afraid of this virus. Authorities have forbidden using these effective treatments because they say these alternative ways are not proved and ineffective. If you observe what happens in India, you can see that in several states where they treat sick people with Ivermectin,  people recover and heal, whereas, in Indian states where they don’t use it, people die, according to the news.

We live in times where much air pollution is impacting people’s health, especially in big cities. Industry and cars are polluting the world continuously, airplanes included. Especially older people are burdened by the dirt they are inhaling, but all people suffer from the dirty, toxic air. There are so many children impacted by Asthma needing already medications to help them breathe. Older people have a compromised immune system, so many people can’t defend themselves and die if a new virus, like Covid 19, enters them. Worldwide, people die due to influenza, but you are not told, so you are not aware that this is happening every year.

Alternative Ways to Treat Covid 19

There have been several doctors treating their patients differently with much success. There is no need for vaccination, and I ask myself why authorities are blocking these methods if they are very effective against the virus. Dr. Vlademir Zelenko has treated Covid- infected patients with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin, an antibiotic, with much success. Within 3-4 hours of administering the treatment, people could breathe normally. That is amazing!

Dr. Vlademir Zelenko

But there are other methods, like taking in Ivermectin, which is used with great success in some Indian states. Ivermectin is an antiparasitic treatment against worms in the gut but seems very effective against the virus too.

If you are strengthening your immune system, taking in a high dose of Vitamin D3, always combined with Vitamin K2, you are protected by 65%; that is what Moderna and Astra Zeneca proclaim about their effective vaccines. So instead, I would prefer to use these vitamins daily rather than getting a jab of something they don’t even know how the long effects are.

A perfect working immune system is the best defense system of your body, and every person can have a well working immune system if we would live healthily, but this is a problem in our modern world. I don’t say that people will not be getting sick or catching infections because this wouldn’t be the truth, but there are natural ways to improve the immune system by healing your gut, the port to life or death. Unfortunately, we can’t escape the viruses, bacterias, and parasites, and we need to contact them to build up immunity.

The Best Defense System

I have already written several blogs about our best defense system in the biological world, our immune system. But, unfortunately, we are eating and living wrong, intoxicated, polluted, burdening our immune system very much. The immune system has to cope with many toxins, alternate body cells due to eating the wrong food, a slowed down lymphatic system, and a deficient oxygen body due to not moving enough outdoors in nature, resulting in superficial breathing.

Our bodies are burdened with heavy metals, chemicals( also from medications), air pollution, food toxins, and all the stress interrupting our essential delicate physical cycles, like the circadian rhythm, hormone, and neurotransmitter balance. If a virus is entering our bodies, many of us are not strong enough to survive these attacks due to the highly compromised immune system. Only living a healthy lifestyle can save us, stopping to pollute our homes, bodies, and environments. But living healthy starts with us. There are, of course, several viruses that are very dangerous for us, and we need vaccination to build up protection.

8 Ways to Treat Covid 19 at Home

I will show you eight ways of treating Covid 19 at home, but I am not a professional doctor, and if you have any disease, you need to get advice from your doctor. Also, there are different voices on this topic, and I investigated the internet on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to show different ways of treatments. I am obliged to make you aware of this fact, that my site is not meant to treat any disease, but as information. Read my medical disclaimer!

1) Ivermectin:
Ivermectin is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved antiparasitic drug used to treat several neglected tropical diseases, including onchocerciasis, helminthiases, and scabies. It is not approved as a treatment of any viral infections; even it shows potential anti-inflammatory effects.  FDA will not recommend it due to the absence of sufficient data. However, they admit that in cell cultures, Ivermectin has inhibited the replication of the virus. Because WHO has said that Ivermectin should be only used on Covid patients in clinical trials, several states in India have declined this drug. However, large evidence shows that numerous prophylaxis trials have demonstrated the large reduction of virus transmissions by regular use of Ivermectin. Facing the fact that the so-called vaccines are not tested on humans but now be pushed on humankind worldwide, I think it is funny to say that Ivermectin should only be used in clinical trials.

2) Hydroxychloroquine:

This treatment is reported to be very effective on Covid 19 patients. In addition, several doctors have treated their patients with a combination of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and an antibiotic called Azithromycin.
In combination with azithromycin — an antibiotic to treat secondary infections — and zinc sulfate, hydroxychloroquine slows down virus replication in the body, showing great results.  Dr. Zelenko has administered a dosage of 200 mg Hydroxychloroquine twice daily, 500mg of the antibiotic once daily, and 220 mg of zinc sulfate once daily, treating patients older than 60 years with severe breathing problems. Within 3-4 hours, their breathing was restored. This is an amazing fact, especially because authorities try to suppress the use of these drugs and fiercely push the vaccines on all populations, making me think.

3) Hydrogen peroxide:

Another great treatment to reduce viruses in the respiratory tract and to improve breathing. Hydrogen peroxide can evaporate diluted in a 0.9% salt solution, reducing the virus in the nose and respiratory system. I even take five drops in a glass of water daily to improve my oxygen in the blood and body. A team of researchers has found that nurses at the frontline using hydrogen haven’t been affected by the virus, whereby colleagues who didn’t use hydrogen have been tested positive and suffered the effects of a Covid infection, an interesting study.

4) Garlic, Chili, Tumeric, and Ginger:

While the first mentioned drugs are more likely to heal the infection, the following four natural spices and herbs support the immune system, making it stronger. If you are looking for a natural, very impacting antibiotic, you can easily combine all these spices and put them in a bottle with olive oil. I use them in my fresh-pressed, or blended juice, especially Tumeric and Ginger are great to strengthen your immunity.

5) Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D 3 is the sunshine hormone, and due to its immune system modulating ability, an outstanding vitamin to strengthen your overall wellbeing. Researchers found out that Vitamin D3 is always deficient in autoimmune diseases and can suppress viral infection by about 65 %. Therefore, it would be best if you took in a high-dose, about 5000 – 10000 units per day, accompanied by 100mcg Vitamin K2 to every 10000 units Vitamin D3, to ensure that calcium is not entering the blood vessels and blocking them, but rather settle in the bones. Vitamin D3 and K2 are a pair in bringing calcium to the bones, together with magnesium.

6) Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is essential for the immune system, fighting infections, and inflammations. Some alternative working doctors apply Vitamin C infusions to their patients suffering from chronic diseases with great success. So if you feel the flu coming your way, directly consume high amounts of Vitamin C, 10 mg zinc, and selenium to stop viral infection.

7) Zinc and Selenium:

There are many people using zinc and selenium when they get the first symptoms of a cold. These two minerals are also necessary for treating autoimmune disorders. Patients suffering from an autoimmune disease are deficient in zinc and selenium. They are essential for the immune system, and nowadays not available enough through our food. Zinz is easier to consume since this mineral is abundantly available in organic meat or wild-caught fish, but your body needs to process zinc from food. 

8) Antioxidants:

a greek salade with black olives

My favorite theme is eating healthy food, especially vegetables and fruits, high in antioxidants that help our immune system fight infections and free radicals that oxidate the body’s cells. Eating a diet of 80 % vegetables and fruits, organic, and seasonal will do the trick. I also drink daily fresh pressed or blended juices and use juice powders, the best you can do to maintain your body.

Why Do We Find No Contrary Report Against Vaccination on the Internet?

You must admit, this is a great question. It seems like voices against vaccinations are silenced, threatened or censured, and removed from the internet. If this is happening, it is always a red signal to me. I mean, what is the reason behind silencing voices who are not agreeing on the vaccination? Every person in the world is entitled to their own opinion and different information to form their own idea.

Why are experts removed from the internet or threatened by their family lives? Only darkness is behaving like this, and only if there is a hidden agenda present. It would be best if you were informed of the risks of getting vaccinated. This is your right! Having thought about the effects of vaccinations, you will decide if you want to get vaccinated and want this for your family. Also, you can decide if you would like to try an alternative drug to heal your Covid infection. This should be a transparent fact, especially in respect of our human rights.

Please watch this video!

Final Thought

There are alternative drugs to stop viral infections and to heal the symptoms of infection. Also, there are enough ways to strengthen the immune system, so you have enough defense to press this virus down. If we live naturally and eat healthy real food, we will not be a victim so quick of viral infection, and that is the normal condition. Our modern way of living has weakened us very much, dependent on medication that even worsens our situation instead of improving. Every symptom has a cause, showing us there is something wrong with our body and immune system. Finding the cause is the beginning to improve health, not consuming medications to cover symptoms.:)

What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion! So please, leave a comment below in the comment section!

To Your Health,


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4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Treat Covid 19 at Home – No Vaccines Necessary?

  1. Hi Sylvia,

    I believe everyone in this world has to read this article, which we need the most for the moment. I must admit that I thought the only way to fight COVID-19 is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. After reading your article, it lights up the darkness.

    Garlic, chili, turmeric, ginger, Vitamin C + D2, Zinc, and organic vegetables & fruits are not hard to get in my region. I will prepare those on hand and hope my immune system becomes strong enough to fight the virus.

    Thanks for this sharing. Highly appreciated.


    1. Thank you very much, Matt! I appreciate your comment very much! Yes, there are so many other ways of preventing the infection through viruses. Keep your immune system strong, and use natural products to fight the virus. If you realize that garlic, Tumeric, ginger, and chili are such strong and healthy produce, you will consume them daily. Stay healthy, Matt!

  2. From the first day the virus became known to the world, I am wondering why so many pharmaceutical companies aimed to find a vaccine and hardly anyone tried to find a treatment for the disease itself.

    The way, for instance, people died in Italy and Spain was an outrage. Left alone, some even abandoned. Horrible.

    I am aware that a lot of alternative information is blocked or banned, yet most of us know about it. So somehow information seeps through, don’t you think?

    In my opinion, we should learn to take our own responsibility. Coincidentally I read an interview with 5 young infected people this morning. Of those 5, 4 blamed the government for their illness and only 1 said, yes, all right, they abandoned the measurements too soon but I am the one who chose to go and celebrate in a club.

    Thanks for your information, Sylvia. I am glad to read I already have all the preventive measurements you mention in place. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Hannie, for your comment! You know, most of the positively tested people are only positive because they have been in contact with the virus and now are having built up an immunity. That is all! We have our immune system, and if we are healthy, it works perfectly! The problem in my eyes is that the government follows its own agenda, and people need to wake up; otherwise, the planet will be empty, and lots of assholes will still be alive. Sorry for the expression! There are too many psychopaths trying to force their ill idea on us!

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