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7 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

In these times, it is even more vital to keep your immune system strong and do everything you can do to stay healthy. I  want to show you seven ways to keep your immune system strong; changing your lifestyle is essential.

Very soon, we will have hopefully lots of sunshine which is a great medium to keep us healthy. In the summertime, infections through viruses are less common due to the vitamin D3 we receive by staying outdoors, moving, or sitting in the sunshine. Did you ever notice that people are going outdoors as soon as the days get sunny? How about you? Do you love sunshine? Do you feel better and happier when the sun is shining? I do! 🙂

I will show you seven ways to keep your immune system strong!

Healthy Foods That Are Packed With Nutrients

If you have followed my blogs, you know how passionate I am about healthy foods, healthy diets, and green powders. In fact, we can’t stay healthy if we are not eating the way we are intended to. Our bodies crave real rich in nutrients food, like organic, seasonal grown and harvested vegetables and fruits, but also seeds, or sprouted seeds ( high in Vitamin B’s).

7 ways to keep your immune system strong

If we consume different vegetables and fruits, we have a high intake of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that help our bodies perform their tasks and renew their cells. Our immune system needs Vitamin C and D3( actually a hormone) to fight pathogens. If we can manage to consume about 80% of vegetables and fruits, we already do a great job where best would be to eat mostly raw.

I couldn’t manage to live a vegan diet consisting of raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, and beans. I tried it for some months, but I feel better on a Paleo diet containing about 80% vegetables and fruits and some meat and fish. Following this diet, combined with green powders and fresh juiced or blended vegetable juices, has healed my body.

I try to avoid any carbohydrates like pasta, cake, pizza, and bread high in gluten. The only gluten my body can manage to digest is some rice. But I try to live on real food, no industrial-made food at all. Animals need to be raised in a natural, organic way, not fed hormones, antibiotics, and grains.

If you can drink everyday green powder juice, you are performing really well and notice an increase in energy.


Sunshine And Vitamin D3

a woman, sunglasses covering her eyes, sunbathing on the beach, half covered by the sea

Summer in the city, yes, summer means sunshine, and sunshine means happy emotions, energy, well being. In Europe, summer means an overcrowded beach where people love to sunbathe and swim in the sea and the lakes. People are full of joy and energy. The body produces the hormone Vitamin D3 using the sun’s rays. Vitamin D 3 is necessary for many bodily functions, bringing calcium into our bones with Vitamin K2 and magnesium. It is essential for modeling our immune system.

Most people with autoimmune diseases have a deficiency of Vitamin D3, showing that their immune system is weak. There are other deficiencies in people who suffer from an autoimmune disorder like selenium, chromium, omega 3’s, Vitamin B12, magnesium, etc. Improving the level of Vitamin D3 is raising immunity about 65 %, which is quite a lot.

Breathing Oxygen – Go Outdoors

Spending much time outdoors is essential to get fresh air into our lungs. Oxygen is necessary for the body’s cells, creating energy. Our blood transports oxygen to all our tissues and brings carbon dioxide back, leaving the body via the lungs. There are even oxygen therapies to kill cancer cells.

Well, it is also used for improving your skin performing oxygen treatments. When you move quickly, like running, jogging, doing powerwalking, or cycling, you will breathe in very deep, but also breathe out very deep, releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the air again.

It is the body’s mechanism of getting quality air using oxygen while getting rid of carbon dioxide. Walking along the beach or in the forest provides you with quality air, leaving you more focused, concentrated, and with great well-being.

Walking outside is better than taking a nap in the afternoon. You will improve your declined energy very much and feeling better to perform your afternoon tasks.

Moving Your Body

By moving your body, you bring more and faster oxygen into your cells, helping to energize you and keep the focus. Thinking is clearer; the pump movements are helping the body to detox on a higher level. The blood and lymphatic system reach the tissues quicker, resulting in our soldiers reaching the threatened areas faster where intruders are trying to overcome the immune system and eliminate them. Our blood can transport nutrients from the food we eat and oxygen quicker to the brain and all tissues, while waste is eliminated faster. Our metabolism works better; all organs are performing better. It is essential to move our bodies regularly.

Fasting- Reset Your Body and Brain

Fasting is a very beneficial method of clearing the body of waste, which improves the performance of the cells and the immune system. If you could do intermittent fasting, you already help your body very much. Fasting resets the functionality of the body. When you stop eating for a while, the body has to switch from using sugar as a fuel to fat, which clears out the waste in our cells and improves beginning insulin and leptin resistance that can lead to diabetes.  Clearing the cells from toxins is essential; they can perform better.

We can reach this goal by fasting for some days while drinking many teas and pure water. However, we can also skip meals for some hours a day, reducing our intake to drinking much pure water; for example, if you stop eating in the evening around 19.00 o’clock, and start eating the next day again at lunchtime, you will have the same effect of the body eliminating waste. It is a vital way of preventing the development of inflammation in the body.

However, drinking freshly made juice from vegetables and fruits twice a week will also decrease toxins and help the body strengthen our immune system and improve its tasks. It is a great method to improve health in general.

Water Therapy Using Hot and Cold Water


If you love Sauna, you are really doing well for your immune system and your general well-being. Hot and cold water therapy is strengthening your immune system very much, improving temperature regulation, the flow of your blood and lymph; it cleans your skin, relaxes you, but also renews your energy.

If you can’t or don’t like to use public saunas, you could take a shower at home, changing the temperatures, which has the same effect on your body.

I prefer spending a morning in a public sauna, where you have a cold water basin and showers, sometimes even a lake to jump in.

It is fantastic when it is raining or snowing to use the outside area. Did you ever experience being in a warm water swimming pool while it is raining or snowing on your head? It is a great experience! 🙂

Grounding- Contact the Earth

Grounding is another healthy normality of improving your immune system. If you like to spend your holidays at the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and the sea, you might know exactly what I am talking about. Maybe you don’t know the expression “Grounding.”

woman lying in the forest on leaves

Still, the feeling of well-being, relaxation, and energy you receive while staying at the beach on a hot summer day is from the grounding. The negative electrons of the earth hit the positive electrons of our bodies, neutralizing them, leaving a deep feeling of well-being. Most people are positively charged by all the electrical devices around them, including wifi from our mobiles and laptops.

We don’t wear shoe soles made of conductive materials anymore, which let the negative electrons of the earth come through, so we are creating inflammation in our body. Helping the immune system grounding your body is essential—something you can do at home as well, buying grounding sheets, mats, bands, and patches.

We weaken our immune system ourselves living an unnatural, unhealthy lifestyle.

Final Thought

It is not difficult to reverse inflammation, helping the immune system to fight pathogens. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can heal your body.

The sad thing is if the damage has been ongoing for years and destroyed already many cells in a certain part of our body, it is not reversible. However, you can improve it.

For example, my thyroid has already been destroyed for a big part of the tissue due to my body’s damage to the cells over decades. This will not grow anymore, but my thyroid can still manage to produce enough hormones to help my body to function well. I still have energy problems due to this fact, but it has been improved very much.

Autoimmunity is something we need to approach quickly, using natural methods to give the immune system a reset, stopping it from destroying healthy tissue, healthy cells.

If you are chronic sick, you better don’t see your doctor if he is not trained in the body’s natural approach. He will treat you the wrong way, giving you medications to improve the symptoms, but not doing anything to improve your immune system, leading to your healing.

However, there is so much to find on the internet on natural healing; you can follow the advice of changing your ill-making lifestyle by adjusting some points in your life. If you read my articles, you will find healthy ways to recover, re-energize, and renew your body and mind.

Please let me know how you feel; if you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below!

To Your Health,


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6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

  1. I totally agree with you. we need to keep our immune sytem strong especially nowadays.
    And these 7 Ways you provided will definitely make our immune system strong.

    But, unfortunately pandemic made these things difficult to do. Well, yes you can still go out but make sure you avoid crowded areas. Or you can have your morning walk far away from other people.
    I love sauna, sauna is very popular in Korea- but due to Covid less and less people go there too.

    So, I think eating healthy food to keep my immune system strong is the one thing that we can do comfortably these days.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are so right, Mina! Sauna is fantastic but nowadays impossible. Anyway, there is still enough to strengthen our immune system; eating healthy is one thing, but moving is great as well! We are not allowed to be in overcrowded places here in the Netherlands! But hopefully, they will open up again. 🙂

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    I agree with you that natural healing does a lot better than medications to maintain our body, and it’s good that you share your tips to keep our immune system strong in this article.

    I like the idea of trying fasting to reset your body and brain, and this is not the first time I hear people saying it. So, this must mean people do get lots of health benefits from fasting. I will take serious consideration about fasting, and thanks again for mentioning it here.


    1. Hi Matt, Thank you very much for commenting! I want to recommend fasting to you! It is a great tool to clear out our cells of waste, renewing your energy, giving the cells a reset. If you would like to do something beneficial to your body and immune system, you could do vegetable juice fasting or fast for a part of the day. You will already feel the benefits. If you have questions, please let me know!:)

  3. Hi Sylvia, yes, with common sense and using our grey matter as well, we’ll come a long way.

    I heard a beautiful saying the other day: people are digging their own grave with a fork and a knife. Meaning, with their meals, what and how they eat.

    I think I said earlier that I am an intermittent faster? I have a schedule of 8-9 hours during which I eat, and 15-16 hours during which I drink some water at most. I am already doing this for over 2 years and am amazed I didn’t start this earlier in my life. 🙂

    The sauna is not my cup of tea anymore, but I’ll be happy when in May I will start my daily 15 minutes of swimming again. I am waiting until the water is 20 degrees. Which is still cold but more than the 6 degrees in which a friend of mine swims! Until then I have my cold shower in the end, after the warm start.

    1. Hi Hannie, you are so right. I did intermittent fasting my whole life, even without knowing that I did it. Fasting for long hours as you do is not possible for me since I have autoimmune disorders, but I fast till lunchtime, around 12.30, and then I have my lunch, and later my dinner around 17.30 or 18.00. That goes very well. Actually, I do it very naturally, all my life already.
      I love the sauna, but at the moment we can’t go because of Covid. Swimming is also great, but the sea is more than 2 hours’ driving time away. We have a lake here, but you get the toxic algae in summer, so we can’t swim. I think you are doing great, Hannie, and I love your comments. Thank you very much!:)

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