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4 Steps to Make Time for Yourself

4 Steps to Make Time For Yourself

4 steps to make time for yourself.

You are consumed by your life every day, your family, spouse, work, friends, and daily tasks. But you are not able to have some time just for yourself. This is very important. Otherwise, you will sail into a  burnout syndrome, starting first with tiredness and exhaustion.

And maybe end up with an illness by having no time to eat properly healthy organic foods.


Going for a walk will be difficult because you are exhausted, longing for your bed. But it is important to renew your energy. If your adrenal glands can’t cope with all the daily stress for a long time, you will certainly crash.

Maybe you feel guilty if you spend some time on yourself every day. Just let go and make time for yourself. Others will not do it. It is your task to care for yourself.

Every person is different. So what you like to do is really your own choice. You know what gives you energy. Maybe a yoga class, a visit to the sports school, maybe a walk in the forest, beach, park, mountains, or lake. Nature is an outstanding medium to recover your senses and energy. 

Wherever you live, nature is a great way to find yourself. However, maybe you like to sit with a friend and have some coffee. It is up to you if the result is getting rid of some stress and have some fun and joy in your daily routine.

Why is it important to make time for yourself?

If you are going on and on, and you will not stop, you might lose yourself. There will come the point where you will not feel yourself anymore. This is when your daily tasks are consuming you. Your family, spouse, house, work, and many responsibilities are becoming too much. You cannot stop anymore and maybe not distinguish what is important to do and what is not. At night when you try to sleep, you can’t stop your mind from racing. It is like a vicious cycle. You are feeling stressed out!

Trying to rebalance, all people need to calm down and find activities to relax, having some time for themselves. It doesn’t matter what it is. Every person is different. What works for me must not necessarily work for you.

I need a lot of time in nature, walking in the forest or along the beach, sitting somewhere meditating, doing yoga, or Pilates. You are different! Maybe for you, it is the most beautiful and energizing thing to spend some time with your friends laughing. Or dancing might be fantastic for you, being a great tool to forget about your sorrows for a moment.woman climbing in the wall of a mountain It doesn’t matter as long you will relax and reenergize, start feeling yourself again. For that to happen, well, you better get in touch with your emotions and your needs.

How to make time for yourself?

These days, it seems we are all busy. We have so many responsibilities that it is very often difficult to build some You – time into our day. The tiring daily tasks leave us no energy to visit the gym or drive to the forest for a walk, which is vital to refresh our mind and body/

Before you are disappearing into your bed or onto the sofa, keep in mind that you might be better off moving a bit in a calming, relaxing tempo, like meditating, but not sitting, but moving. You will see that the oxygen and the quietness will give you peace and energy. Even 3 times in the week, going to a yoga class or sports school will take the stress away. Becoming stronger, you might feel happy that you took this step.

For me, it is also very calming to go to a beauty salon or visiting the sauna. Having a facial massage is fantastic. Just do what YOU love to do.

How to overcome stress?

Only you can do this step. Nobody can and will do it for you. You need to experience how tight and captured you feel if you keep running through the day as you do. At night, you might be awake because your mind is overworking. It is not helpful to drink alcohol to relax and coffee to boost your start getting through your day.

If this sounds like you, you are better off working out a plan for yourself. Think about what would give you pleasure, what makes you feel happy. Then think about how to build it into your day or week.

Start with one thing you love to do, which will already be a step in the direction of rebalancing your mind and body. Improving, you will be able to build in more quality time.

And don’t feel guilty.

If you are not balanced and happy, your family is receiving your stress too, feeling unhappy and stressed, experiencing your negativity. Maybe you have become a yelling person. Sorry, but this will not be a person other people would like to be around.

What are the results of making time for Yourself?

woman desperate screemingIn the last chapter, I mentioned it already. If you are stressed out and crossing your own limits every day, you will not be a nice person to be with. The You – time brings you back to yourself, closer to your emotions and needs.

You might feel more settled, having more energy. By taking control of your emotions and needs, you will feel lively again, making you feel stronger and happier.

Taking responsibility for your life, for yourself, for your happiness, will help others as well!

First, start to love and respect yourself.

Congratulations – You made it!

This is an excellent decision! By not allowing others to live your life, they will not take control of your emotions and needs anymore. Taking care of yourself and your happiness will stop others from consuming your time and energy, the most important step you will take towards your freedom!

Because you set your boundaries and make time for your own needs, you will change your world! Well, it can be scary to receive different reactions from your family and friends.

I had to experience it the hard way. But I hope you can stop damaging yourself and others by choosing to take control of your life. Don’t let it happen that chronic disease will develop!

Please, I would love to hear about your experiences! Let us know how you feel!

To your health,



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8 thoughts on “4 Steps to Make Time for Yourself

  1. DarmiMaddie says:

    Getting time for ourselves and dedicating more and more time to just get ourselves right is the first step to ensuring proper resonating with who we are. Honestly, I like everything that you have shared here and it makes sense a lot considering what is out there as benefits. This is really great to see and thank you for sharing with us all. Thanks

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Well said Sylviachrist,

    My life is definitely like how you mentioned – Busy with work, and pleasing other people that I don’t actually do something for myself. And when I know that thing is bad for me but good for people around me, I do it anyway just to please society and that I feel bad if I don’t but you’re right, having the time for myself is important. 

    That’s it! Tomorrow, I’m going out to treat myself for things that i like, time for some me time! 😀

    1. Hi Riaz. Yes, you are right! I myself have problems to create time for myself, but it is essential. Some people can’t spend time with themselves. They feel lonely! But of course, everyone needs to find out what is good for them. 

  3. Thanks for yet another resourceful information about how to create more time for yourself which is something that we need to replenish ourselves in every ways. These 4 steps are very comprehensive and they are all good to have, very understandable and they are all gonna be helpful to me. 

  4. I have found out that the more time I find for myself, the more I spend time in nature, contemplate, have a nap after lunch (I’m lucky that I can as I’m a freelancer working from home), the happier I am but not only that, I get better ideas for my business, and I’m more creative. 
    It took me a very long time to get to this point, being 53 now and an ex-workaholic. I guess I had to experience both sides of the scale, without being an workaholic in the past I wouldn’t appreciate the opposite now.
    Your article is very true. Making more time for ourselves is essential.

    1. Hi Lenka,
      You are so right—what a story. You have experienced this yourself, as I did, and you are a great witness to people. It is so important to cut down on stress to heal again. Thank you very much for this thoughtful comment.
      I wish you all the best!

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